Free Diving


Barracuda / Diving

Quantum Barracuda is honoured to support the world record holder in free diving, Şahika Ercümen.

She has a deep passion for the sea. Quantum has a deep passion for time. Side by side with Barracuda, these passions are inseparable.  

Over the years, Şahika Ercümen has won over a hundred national and international awards. As a result, Ercümen was inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records for her 110m (360ft) long dynamic under ice free-dive in 2011. Other records include; variable weight with Fin Cmas World Record 110 meters, variable weight without Fin Cmas World Record 93 meters, constant weight without fin national record 50 meters, constant weight with bi-fin national record 68 meters, find more here.

Some people aim higher, Sahika Ercümen aims deeper. As Quantum, we will be by Şahika’s side during her journey through time into the deeper blue.