Guarantee Conditions

Guarantee Conditions


Your QUANTUM watch is under warranty for a period of (24) twenty-four months starting from the date of purchasing it from a QUANTUM authorized sales point in accordance with the conditions and terms of this warranty agreement.

QUANTUM warranty covers the material and manufacturing defects in a QUANTUM watch which exist at the moment of purchasing. In order to have the warranty implemented properly, it is essential that the warranty certificate must have all relevant information such as date, product reference, as well as fully and accurately filled by the QUANTUM seller.
(Proper Warranty Certificate).


  1. The warranty period start on the day of delivery of the product, and is valid for 2 (two) years.
  2. The whole product, including all the parts is within the scope of the warranty of Importer Company. This warranty covers the case of the watch, mechanism, dial, indicators, and metal bracelet.
  3. In the case of a defect which happens within the warranty period, the time which will be spent for repairing the watch is added into the warranty period. This period starts from the date of delivering the watch to the authorized service, or if not available, to any of the sales point, the distributor, manufacturer or importer of the watch.
  4. In the event of defects which are due to installation, labor, and material faults, the repairing will be made free of charge and no money will be charged under the name of replacement part or workmanship cost.


  1. Batteries, glass, bracelet and belt.
  2. The damages which will occur in any part of the watch by abnormal/rough usage, negligence, accident and carelessness,
  3. Losing, changing, defacing and arranging of the warranty card after the date of the sale.
  4. The defect which will happen using with water defined in the below chart;
    • 10 m = 1 atm = hand – face washing
    • 30 m = 3 atm = car washing
    • 50 m = 5 atm = taking a shower
    • 100 m =10 atm = swimming
    • 200 m = 20 atm = diving
    • 500 m = 50 atm = professional diving
    • 1000 m =100 atm = professional diving
  5. The scratches which will occur on the exterior surface of the watch and coating due to usage.
  6. Opening of the watch by an unauthorized service or repair shop.


    You QUANTUM watch should be taken to an authorized QUANTUM service at least once in a two years like all other micro-mechanical devices.
    Your watch wonít be effected by light vibrations. You should avoid hitting or dropping it to the hard surfaces since it might damage to your watch.
    Keep your watch away from materials which have liquid and solvent properties such as alcohol and gas, cosmetic sprays, detergent, gluing, and paints. The chemicals which have solvent properties can directly contact the coating of your watch. This might cause your watch to be considered as out of warranty.
    Wipe your watch and the bracelet with a dry piece of cloth in order to prevent the corrosion which will occur because of dust and moisture.
    Your watch is effected by high magnetism, therefore try to avoid keeping or contacting it near magnetic materials.