Turkish Air Forces

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TAF1911C is specially designed in remembrance of Turkish Air Force’s 100th anniversary. It is made of solid titanium, is very durable and light, so that it can adapt to the speed while you are flying with 2000 kilometers per hour in the sky, and handle all the impacts and maneuvers. The solid titanium alloy usually used in F-16 aircrafts makes this watch 4times more durable than other watches and challenges the gravity with its lightness. Its double-locked cord, sapphire glass preventing the reflection and scratches and the calculation feature enables you to fly with your current fuel. This watch has everything that it needs to be your perfect partner in the sky.See more info at seo one click.

The special slim series watches TAF28F and TAF28S are designed with a touch of elegance. They are made of stainless steel, consisting of 3 hands and second / day date calendar. TAF28L with its all stainless steel, 3 hands and day / date calendar features is also another example of elegant design that can accompany you everywhere and every moment adl-usa.com. TAF1944 model created in memory of the foundation of Turkish Air Force Command has a unique design that unifies sporty design with classy features like Chrono 3 Eyes design and all stainless steel perfectly for everyday wear.


  1. Hello i need my Watch manuel user
    Quantum TAF26L-01AA

  2. Good morning, my name is Albert Sweerts , I have a quantum watch , TAF28F serialnr.01729.
    The bracelet is almost broken and I like to have a new one,can I order this ? And the price?
    Thanks for answering.
    Albert Sweerts

  3. Necesito saber el costo del modelo TAF26L 1029

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